Let’s meet at ZAUBE WILD FOOD FESTIVAL on 14th July. It will be even better and more international this year!

Event starts at 13:00
Zaube centre and Upper Lake: 
– cooking  demonstrations, tasting of wild and healthy food and drink; 
– amateurs’ competition in cucumber salting, potatoes’ pealing; 
– cooks competition of preparing food with wild ingredients; 
– competition of rural style cakes: 
– Green market and catering, creative workshops and activities; 
– Music, dances, concert for children “Vilku Trio” and concert by group “Kanisaifa” and well know percussionist Nils Īle; 

– Outdoor dancing party with country music group “Sestā jūdze” all night.


Lower Lake
– Wild Food banquet “Under Old Zaube Oak” hosted by caterers and hunters, fishermen and local producers from Amata Municipality (available 100 places with advanced bought tickets only).

By participating in this dinner you support local initiative. 30% form income will go for caring about the ancient trees and park.