Wild Food Banquet by Ancient Zaube Oak

Wild Food Banquet by Ancient Zaube Oak is a new addition for this year’s Zaube Wild Food Festival which takes place on 14th July.  The menu consists of  nine courses hosted by famous cooks, caterers, hunters, fishermen and local producers from Amata Municipality, who has joined together to make the unique celebration of tastes from nature.  Local cooking traditions inherited through generation will be combined with highly professional cooks performance.

All used products come from local surrounding. Guests could enjoy cold plates of various game (deer, elk, beaver, wild boar), snacks, hunters soup, wild mushroom dish, trout from Amata river, local quinoa with wild herbs, traditional bread pudding with forest berries, local rural cakes, home made beer and other drinks.

Some courses are getting prepared long time before the event. For example, local  hunter’ s wives marinading meat, whole wild boar is prepared for cooking some days before and grilling starts a day before serving. One of the best chefs (according “White Guide”) Dzintars Kristovskis from Anna Hotel will cook the main dish – roast from deer. The roasting takes three days and it is finished just before serving. Local people whole last festival week gather berries and mushrooms. 

During the banquet there will be musical and  entertaining surprises as well as sparkling surprise from Jonathan Restaurant.

The banquet takes place in the beautiful location- by lake, under ancient oaks amongst which there is famous Zaube Oak around 350 years old.

Tradition of wild food celebration was started several years ago by local Zaube hunters and fishermen association. It was like a thank you event for all those people who helped to maintain the local lakes and care about the nature around. During this banquet everyone will have a chance to help a little bit our environment too.

The Banquet starts at 19:00 but arrival is from 18:45.

The banquet is a part of larger Zaube Wild Food Festival which starts already from 13:00 o’ clock and takes place whole day and continues with live dancing music all night long. During the festival there will be green market, cooking demonstrations, tasting of wild and healthy food, international cooks competition meals with wild ingredients, competition of rural style cakes,  salted cucumber and potato peeling competition, music and creative workshops.

By participating in this dinner you support local initiative. 30% form income will go for caring about the ancient trees and park.

(Tickets for banquet: 50.00 (until 8th July),  70.00 Euro (until 10th July), advanced bought tickets only, restricted number of seats. The tickets allows entrance into other festival zones during the day as well as for the night event).