Zaube wild food festival 2017

Zaube Wild Culinary Festival was held on July 8. The municipality and Zaubenians were preparing for this event almost all year round.

This year On July 8, “Zaubes Wild Culinary Festival” was held. The municipality and Zaubenians were preparing for this event almost all year round. Previously, the participants were summoned, the hunting meat were gathered and acumulated in freezers in a timely manner, a territory was planned, improvements were made and cleaning works were carried out. Most stressed part, however, turned out to be the last week before the festival, when up to last night was made tasting kits, held cheese wrapping, cooking jam and other delicacies preparation. Organizing the event required a lot of resources – people worked late at night and early in the morning, devoting much of their time. About 80 people took part in the event. The organizers thank you very much for all those involved in this event.

There were four thematic areas in festival were everyone were able to taste about 12 different kinds of wild products – from plants, hunting meat, fish, dairy, which was both food and drink form. It was most enjoyable to watch and talk with the makers about the routine of everyday tastes and product qualities. The most atended area was with hunting meat where the pile gathered and there was really no time to talk. The event’s leader, Roberto Meloni publicly presented all the products in all thematic areas. In turn, the evening started cakes contest “Best Rural cake 2017”, where the wonderful and beautiful cakes were presented. 

Eaten was all! We held aproximately 1500 visitors and participants who came to the festival. Joyful atmosphere were brought by Cesis brass band at Zaubes great oak, dancers from Keipenes our own line dance and Zumba ladies Centro and Karl Kazāks in Manor Park. While the small visitors enjoyed ride in a horse carriage or pony riding, other were able to check the “mother nature” and the Nature Protection Board workshops, bravest could try the round “Rupuču ‘boats, but delicious things could purchase at” Green Fair “.
Now we already have started preparing for the following year to a major program to accommodate their guests and to enjoy themselves. Special thanks to everyone for this year!