YouTube site: Crabapple skin balm

YouTube site: Elderberry juice

YouTube site: Yarrow salve

YouTube site: Nettle fritters

YouTube site: Chestnut laundry detergent


This is a compilation of info from Vaira Kārkliņa`s (Skara nature studio, online talks as part of the Zaube Wild Food Festival 2021. Compiled in partnership with Sandra Ošiņa, Milda Ošiņa anda Valdis Ošiņš (design and photography,

In 2021 we continue the tradition of Zaube Wild Food Festival in online master classes, lectures, and a few walks in nature. The constant mission of Zaube Wild Food Festival is to invite people to better understand nature, help appreciate its gifts, to explain the relationship between man and nature, which is expressed in mutual care. Culinary is a unifying, very interesting and diverse domain for all parties – it helps start a difficult conversation, learn new things and have fun together. This year we were able to learn how to use wildlife products by watching a series of cooking master classes. Supported by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Service of Latvia.




Project Nr.18-00-A019.333-000022 Savvaļas brinumi – Wild Wonders is being carried out as part of Latvia’s Rural development programme for 2014-2020 and its sub-activity 19.3 – Interterritorial and international exchange. The programme falls within the framework of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.